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Our Mission

Our Mission is to make sure every person has access to education and the facilities to further themselves in to a recording career. We work with Local and National funders to put together Workshops, Webinars and Lectures for people all over the UK of all backgrounds.


We work alongside various charities in our attempts to raise funds to help the public, whether it be live shows to raise awareness and funding of a particular charity or the release of a charity Single/Album.

We offer in-house recording services that can help take somebody from a total novice to a stage performer with even their own music video and a vast array of talented people that we work alongside. If you speak to the majority of artists they will be the first to tell you music saved their life for one reason or another. We are here to do our best to make sure as many people get the opportunity to make those all important first steps that in the end may go a long way to saving a life. 

Our Story

The He Knows She Knows foundation was established in Memory of Blue Corbin Hall, George Stephen Elms and Sheina Delores Elms, all souls that sadly passed long before their time. It was with great assistance from these people that we find ourselves in the position to create a foundation to try to help the public to have the same opportunities we were afforded.

The Foundation was founded by Stephen Elms and Sharna Bowman in 2020 during the Corona Virus Crisis, as one of the hardest hit industries during the crisis He Knows She Knows saw it as the perfect time to create the foundation to help rebuild what will be a crippled and struggling industry when the rest of the world returns to normality. With the help of funders and local councils, we aim to really make a difference in some of the hardest hit areas.

Our Founders


Sharna Bowman


Stephen Elms