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Workshop & Tuition


121 Tuition

Rap Lessons with Silvar or Singing Lessons with Sharna

Not only are Silvar & Sharna great performers but they are great teachers too, with a wealth of knowledge and specialist techniques you can really learn how to become a great singer or rapper. Silvar teaches the 121 rap classes, where you will learn how to write, perform and record you very own rap song. Sharna takes a singer from novice to performer with her specialist training tips that took her from selling cars to sell out shows. This really is the perfect gift for any up and coming performer

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Pacewell Popstar Academy

Learn From The Pros

Pacewell Entertainment are holding a 3 Day Popstar Academy. You will get to spend 3 days learning all the tricks of the trade from real life Popstars He Knows She Knows and Special Guests! Whoa!

From Singing to Rapping, Stage Presence to Social Media you will learn it all during this fun but informative workshop,Bootcamp Style!! Who better to teach you then the real thing. You will learn the basics of Rap, Beatbox, Singing and even write a song to be performed on the last day for all of your parents. There will be Special Guests Mentors, Fun Games, Prizes, Competitions, The Official PPA Certificate of Completion and much much more!

He Knows She Knows Workshops

Tailored Workshops

He Knows She Knows Workshops are perfected for more then just the obvious. Our workshops are tailor made for any age and we mean any age, whether you want to introduce the toddlers to the first dose of urban pop or whether you wanted to bring something new in to the care home that will be sure to have the residents in high spirits, or even for company team bonding sessions. Whatever your wanting we can tailor a workshop to your needs with fun games and great experiences. 


Social Media Tuition, Consultancy and Mentorship

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Facebook ads, Tiktok, NFT's, Cryptocurrency

Silvar has a huge amount of knowledge on Social Media and the new world of NFT's and Cryptocurrency. As the author of The Stranger to Super-fan system he gain a tremendous amount of tips and tricks whilst doing the research for this book. You can now benefit from all his knowledge with 121 private tuition on Social Media, NFT's and Cryptocurrency. 

Send an email expressing your interest and we will schedule a 30min FREE consultancy call.

Previous Clients

Tilly Lockey

CBBC's Got What It Takes Winner

Tilly Lockey was the very first student to come for 1 to 1 expert tuition for He Knows She Knows. She came to the duo as a novice singer hoping to advance in TV's got what it takes, and with the expert guidance from He Knows She Know she went on to win the show quoting "I could never have won this with out He Knows She Knows". Tilly is very excited to start training for her Radio 1's Big Weekend Performance. 


East College Durham

1st Year Music Students

The students at East College Durham were delighted to take part in a He Knows She Knows Songwriting Workshop. The pair began by performing a few of their own songs and then having a Q&A with the students about the songwriting process and how to come up with song lyrics. The students then split in to groups to create there own piece of music with the support of He Knows She Knows through out the creation process. They session ended with a live performance of their creations.


Inspire Stage School

3-16 Stage School, Sunderland

Inspire stage school have had He Knows She Knows in to coach the kids on many occasions. Helping the students during their 3 day came and also coming in to perform an mentor during their usual school term time. The pair love working with the students and helping them really reach their range.

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